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Frequently asked questions

Cloud services are an advanced form of web applications executed on the remote server. As opposed to a classical, local installation, AVIION is run from the Avion Media’s servers but tightly embedded into the service of the provider. In other words, the customers will notice no difference (they don't "know" which server are they directed at), while the provider needs no hardware or infrastructure upgrades, letting everything run from our company. We also provide tools for this type of integration.
On the other hand, very demanding clients may prefer to establish the entire system using their own hardware and infrastructure to ensure maximum control over the system and its functioning. This type of installation is supported as well.

No, as the client application does not tunnel the OTT connections through the provider's system, but accesses them directly instead. AVIION will make sure to provide sufficient outbound bandwidth for each installation.
You need video materials you would like to distribute, access to live video channels with their EPG information, or both. Everything else is handled either automatically, or by AVIION. Also, with our AVIION.Backoffice application you will be able to handle and administer customers’ accounts as well as monitor complete service.
Most of the connected multimedia devices! Specifically - Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets, Android TVs, Amazon Fire devices, Apple TVs, Smart TVs, Chromecast devices, dedicated and Android-based set-top-boxes, web browsers for PCs and Mac computers. AVIION is always working on expanding this list, so we will likely add more to it in the future. Stay tuned.
It means every customer receives a stream optimized for the device they are using at that moment, and that the bitrate of each stream is adjusted on-the-fly to match the bandwidth available to the customer in the given circumstances. With the cell phone towers and DSL networks varying the traffic rates throughout the day, this measure is required for a smooth playback at all times.


AVIION's sales team aims to understand your specific requirements, and our business models are here to support the start of your service in the shortest possible period.
There are various business models, but in general, they are based on a regular contractual fee, and/or a combination of volume based parameters. Nevertheless, AVIION's sales team will analyze your situation and consult you to form the optimal business model which would comply your business and commercial needs.
Our focus is to start your service as soon as possible. Usually, it will take a couple of weeks, with testing and integration included. In most cases, the legislative part of the business - to settle copyrights with the content owner, might take more time than the technical set-up (unless you intend to distribute only your original material), but we will be more than happy to share some tips to overcome this in the shortest time possible.
Of course. AVIION white-labeled applications support various customization options which can be handled directly from our AVIION.Backoffice tool. Client application GUI (interface) can be fully aligned with your branding guidelines (e.g. it can bear your logo, your specific corporate color schemes, fonts, etc.), which are chosen among a variety of predefined schemes to match the one suitable for your installation.
In addition to that, AVIION can offer design and implementation of proprietary client applications which will fully comply with your specific needs and will include your specific catchy features.
The AVIION architecture supports various forms of integration with third-party systems. In case you are considering some powerful functionalities, let us know ― we are always interested in expanding the system into new, versatile directions.
Besides self-registration options or manual control in the AVIION.Backoffice operation tool, you can manage the user accounts and Video-on-demand libraries via API's supported by AVIION.
The AVIION API supports a wide range of management commands, and it is possible to develop the necessary connectors required to link AVIION to your other IT systems.
AVIION cloud system is configured as a carrier-grade, fully scalable cloud platform which enables you to completely rely on all its technical aspect.
In case you are considering on-premises installation of AVIION, the system itself has no inherent limits. In other words, the total system performance is limited only by the power of the hardware, available bandwidth, and the storage capacity you have (or rent). Of course, there are specific minimum requirements we recommend for various business models and scales, but there are basically no upper limits as the system is fully scalable.
Yes. Using the SGO feature, which is one of the fundamental building blocks of AVIION, and geo-detection options, you can specify geographical, infrastructural, or any other types of custom-created zones where specified content will be available either for free, for a price, or unavailable completely.
Of course, as mobile network infrastructure and its capacities are rapidly increasing from day to day, which enables all customers to always be connected. Due to this, all prerequisites for video transfer are already complied. Also, in the case of variable networks conditions, the system is designed to be as robust as possible, so that the end-users will have minimal or no impact to video streaming consumption.
AVIION has an inherent limit to the number of parallel connections that can be open through one set of credentials. This setting can be applied either for all customers, or individually for each one. After the limit is reached, no new connections can be opened under the provided credentials before some of the current ones are closed.
From the client side, there are no limits to the number of languages you may want to introduce for various segments of your customer base (their default languages are set by their geographic location, according to the rules you specify ahead). The administration back-office module is available only in English, though AVIION is ready to introduce new language packs if sufficient demand appears.


IPTV is usually limited only to set-top-boxes attached to the landline digital and managed broadband networks, while OTT distributes its content through any desired digital communications channel to any kind of device that can handle the required video formats.
Furthermore, OTT is a complete ecosystem with purchases, marketing, statistics, content management and entire integration, and therefore a vastly more valuable service.