As always, the topic of important elements of an OTT platform can be covered far and wide. The idea is to at least scratch the surface and mention some of the elements in a series of articles.

Of course the most important element is the content. Truth be told I have had the opportunity to see enough of OTT applications where some of them worked flawlessly but there was simply not enough content to keep me occupied and comeback to it. On the other hand, those that were perhaps, sub par on the technical level but had enough interesting content that was often frustrating but I still came back for the content. However, if the OTT app is not well polished even the best content will not prevent the viewers' churn.

Now, on the tech side there are few elements that really do make the OTT app much better and complete. We are going to start this series with Reporting and Data Analytics.

For the operator, it is extremely important to run a data driven OTT service, meaning that they spend enough time on a daily basis looking at the reports generated by the OTT platform about their service being used and how. Obviously, for that the platform needs to be able to provide you with the wide array of different reports.

You can get the information on pretty much everything. You can see which location provides most viewers, how is your daily subscription rate, how many users registered daily, what type of devices were used, which epg/VOD/AOD event was watched and how much and how long, which channel and the assets within the channel are most popular and so on. The list and the different combinations are limited only by your needs and ideas.

Even more, a good OTT service will provide you with the ability to generate specific custom made reports for your specific needs. Interestingly enough, AVIION OTT platform can provide you with all of these data and much more. If you want to know more just let us know and we will show you all the things that can be extrapolated from your potential OTT service.

Why is all of this important. Well, getting the right information on what content is being watched, and for how long can directly define your future content purchasing choices. If you have a clear idea which devices are being used the most, where, and when will help you with the advertising targeting at certain times and focused on certain platforms and specific regions.

These are just a couple of examples as there are many more that can really help you make the right decisions and right choices and ensure that you maintain and provide a popular and most important a profitable streaming service.