OTT landscape is everchanging at a rather fast pace. With the growing number of OTT services globally viewer churn has become a challenge for many of them. Viewers today have more options to consume different content than ever before. Keeping viewer's attention on your OTT service is becoming a primary mission in order to keep the service itself alive.

While the quality and the quantity of the content offered could be emphasized as the most important aspect that would ensure a successful OTT service it certainly isn't enough. With the evolution of the OTT more and more reports are stressing the important role of UX/UI of the users' OTT experience as a factor in retaining or losing viewers. The importance of UX/UI is growing in all of SaaS not just the OTT.

To make sure we are up-to-date with the latest trends and challenges in the UX/UI domain, here at AVIION we are constantly working on improving our AVIION HS5 OTT solution. Our colleagues Martina, Danijela and Filip are participating in this year's World Usability Congress held in Graz, Austria, the premier user experience design conference. While they are learning about the latest trends and share their experience with the industry peers we are looking forward to the inspiration and new ideas they will be bringing back. To find out more about the AVIION OTT solution and how you can start your OTT service just get in touch with us. We would be delighted to be the service provider for your new and exciting OTT service journey.