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Use OTT in your industry. Use AVIION.

We offer simple, fast, affordable, and up-to-date OTT solutions for different branches - whether you are a large broadcaster, an established production company, or a start-up. AVIION can provide a solution which suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly guide you in finding the right solution – complete OTT solution or just any part of it – from the source signal to the app. Here are some industry examples where we offer our services. More ideas based on the type of the business:


Using the AVIION platform, the broadcasters can reuse their content and existing digital media assets enriched with extensive metadata information and publish them to wide Internet audiences, bypassing traditional linear terrestrial distribution or proprietary IPTV/Cable operators platforms. AVIION offers not only IPTV and OTT but also HbbTV solutions as a natural extension of the original broadcast service.


Advanced media distribution is a powerful feature Cable & Telco organizations can offer to the customers as an expansion of their core service. Attractive both to business clients as an advertisement and added value platform, and to the general public as an attractive method to unify the video experience on TV, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other media-rich devices.

Production companies & rights-holders

Before the broadband Internet era, you as a production company or rights-holder didn’t have many choices of monetizing what you produce/own. The content was usually rented or sold to broadcasters, who distribute it to consumers. The appearance of OTT has redefined this. Now, there is an array of new monetization models. Instead of selling or renting it to someone else, you can deliver your content directly to the consumers.

With AVIION, you will be able to take full control over your content and any decisions regarding its monetization. With an extensive video store, asset packaging system, and various subscription models and catalogs, AVIION allows you to fine-tune and monitor each piece of content that you produce or own. You decide who can see it, where, at what price, and under which conditions. Your content can become truly yours again!

It goes without saying that the team behind AVIION has a robust system in place, which is able to take on the workload. We offer different levels of service, and it is up to you to decide which one is most suitable for you and your content.

Tourism & entertainment

You don’t need to be a large broadcaster or content producer to use the benefits of OTT. Tourism offices, sports organizations, shopping center, and festivals can benefit from a dedicated news and media outlet. A place where you could inform the customers about any new offers or events connected to your business.

Because of our readily available cloud infrastructure which requires no starting investments or personnel training, AVIION is the ideal solution for businesses such as these. All you need to do is contact us. You can do it already today.

Educational institutions

Modern education also means an online shell for the distribution of learning materials to students, uploading homework and assignments, accessing lecture videos and Q&A sessions, tracking the progress of students and so on. Sometimes, even a digital library with total control of who gets access to which text, for how long, and at what price. AVIION has made the creation and implementation of such interfaces quick, simple, and affordable - enabling you to keep your institution up-to-date without incurring large expenses and losing a lot of time.

In a similar way, AVIION can be used by congresses and conventions to provide videos of panels and lectures, share pictures and news regarding the event, create schedules, and keep the attendees updated with the latest information. With AVIION OTT solution your participants don't care if two panels are at the same time. They can attend all of them.