Content protection in OTT still heavily relies on closed technologies which makes it a challenge to implement. We will see if 2021 is the year we move closer to open and transparent system that can be used and adapted as needed while still providing top notch level of security for the content.

Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime and soon Paramount+ are going to be your go-to SVOD OTT solution of the future. As mentioned several times in previous Chunks, consumers will usually have 3 to 4 SVOD services so they will choose the ones with the best content. That means the battle of the above mentioned „giants“ which in turn means very little room for streaming services looking to get into SVOD business model. Exception to that rule might be services with highly specialized niche-market content, or services with local content. We will definitely see growth of AVOD services in order to reach viewers who will not mind the TV experience of consuming content with integrated ads. At the end of the day flexibility and ability to adapt is the key to success. If you are following and recognizing the trends, chances are you will do better in this highly dynamic OTT market. As always, here at Aviion we can do wonders for your OTT projects. Get in touch with us to learn how.