In today's digital age, sports clubs are constantly adapting to changes in the way fans follow their favorite teams. GNK Dinamo has now taken a step forward with the times, partnering with the leading OTT (Over-The-Top) solution provider in the region, Avion Media d.o.o., to create something special for its fans - the Dinamo Plus OTT platform. This partnership marks a new era for GNK Dinamo and its fans, with the primary goal of providing fans with a unique experience of following their favorite club, regardless of where they are in the world.

"Dinamo, both on and off the field, has shown determination in successfully realizing our business collaboration. In an ambitiously set timeframe, we have agreed on all the details and brought the platform into production in just a few weeks. The goal was to exclusively broadcast the well-known international U-18 Memorial Tournament Mladen Ramljak, which Dinamo traditionally organizes at the beginning of August, and we have fulfilled that. Viewers watched the matches in FULL HD format live, and, of course, the platform enables a digital archive that is available to all users at any time. Various features are provided, such as live content tracking with pause and recording capabilities, various catalogs, push notifications, with the platform available on Android and iOS mobile devices, via the web, and also on the Android TV platform. In agreement with Dinamo, we continue to develop functionalities and listen to and follow the trends expected by end-users", emphasizes Saša Bodulica, COO of Avion Media d.o.o.





The Dinamo Plus OTT platform provides users with access to exclusive content related to GNK Dinamo. Among other things, it includes access to live matches (UEFA Youth League, domestic matches of HNL juniors, cadets, and pioneers), behind-the-scenes video materials, exclusive interviews with players and coaches, press conferences, match summaries, and many other exclusive contents designed for loyal fans who always want to feel the pulse of their favorite club.

"It is a great pleasure to inform the fans that our OTT platform Dinamo Plus is fully operational, and our supporters can find numerous additional content and interesting details related to our club, the first team, football academy, and many other things. The new platform allows our loyal fans not only in Croatia but also worldwide to access exclusive content and the latest news about our club, training footage, podcasts with diverse and interesting guests, as well as live broadcasts of matches from younger categories. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the company Avion media, with whose help we developed the platform. We recognized them as the ideal partner with a lot of experience in this field and already recognized by other partners as an excellent collaborator in the multimedia sector, so we were confident in the quality realization of the envisioned project. I invite all fans to subscribe to Dinamo Plus because the subscription price is truly symbolic, and I believe that the rich and diverse content will truly satisfy every big Dinamo fan. A premium subscriber will have access to historic Dinamo matches, various podcasts, live broadcasts of younger categories, and many other interesting contents we have prepared for our fans," said Darko Podnar, a member of the GNK Dinamo Management Board during the partnership signing.

This partnership positions GNK Dinamo as a leader in adopting new technologies and approaches to meet the needs of its fans in today's digital environment. The platform fosters more intense engagement with fans, creating an even stronger connection between the club and its devoted followers. In the future, the platform will enable GNK Dinamo to delve even deeper into the digital world and connect with its fans in new and exciting ways.




In order to make the content as high-quality and rich as possible, and the production top-notch, GNK Dinamo will launch both a paid and free section of content on the platform starting from November 6, 2023. The pricing has been set to be very affordable, catering to a wider range of fans, and we hope that the fans themselves will recognize this and provide support through subscriptions to further develop the project into a central gathering place for supporters of the most successful club in the country – with top-notch production of interview archives, historic matches, and a large number of new, modern contents. The premium package will cost 2 euros per month or 19 euros annually.

Stay tuned for updates on the Dinamo Plus OTT platform as it will undoubtedly bring a lot of excitement to all true GNK Dinamo fans.