Another OTT solution has been launched in Croatia and it is based on AVIION HS5 OTT platform.

Evotv, Croatian pay tv provider owned by Croatian Post, decided to start a VOD service in Croatia. They gathered content from five different content providers and combined it in five videostores within the same app. The evotv app is based on AVIION solution. Also, the whole streaming part, from content ingest all the way to the end user is done on AVIION Cloud solution.

We are very proud to have another respectable client choose Avion Media company as a partner on their OTT project. With that evotv has become a 4th Croatian OTT solution, besides Bnet, Vipnet and Pickbox, based on AVIION HS5 platform.

Evotv app is full of cool and trendy features that are expected in apps these days – like picture in picture, binge view, vertical orientation and many other nice to have details.