OTT 2nd wave
Industry is growing, demand is still high and the demand is changing. It is OTT second wave: customers already have some OTT experience so, nowadays, only superb solutions are acceptable. The demand is based on replacing current solutions. Customers already have the OTT experience and now they are comparing new solutions with those experiences. Besides, they would not change current solutions if they were satisfied. All said keep the industry on the edge, without shortcuts and only the best are going to survive. In such surroundings, it felt awesome to be a part of the AVIION team – AVIION solution has been well received and we can proudly continue to keep up with the pace!

More of OTT
How to stand out among similar solutions? It is really challenging to get attention among similar solutions – the big players define UX trends; solutions look similar so the delicate details make all the difference. Challenging indeed, but at the same proud that AVIION has a compelling solution!

OK, we got their attention. What’s next? Features, new things, stability. Regarding features, solutions should be up to date – nothing less is expected. UX should follow the big players – picture in picture swipe learned in YouTube should be the same in all apps. It is expected. Beyond features are new things – what to offer more? What to offer over Over The Top?!

Following things to point out:
• Machine learning
• Linear to VOD - clips editing for distribution on social platforms
• 360
• 4K
• HbbTV

What AVIION has to say here?
A lot!  Flly module that makes possible to have VOD assets organized in dedicated channels has been well received among AVIION visitors! To make more out of already existing content opens a lot of business ideas. Transfering OTT experience into HbbTV experience that AVIION has been doing in past months is also well received, especially among big TV broadcasters. For both mentioned AVIION features, that are major achievements for us in the development in 2017, reactions were great and promising. After IBC, we can only dedicate even more efforts to enhance them!

Demand is still high. Customers know what they want and also what they do not want. Average is not selling, only superb. AVIION – it felt good to be with the AVIION solution at IBC. We are on the right track indeed and will continue to do great work. Take AVIION for a test flight. Ask for your free demo here. Have a question for us? We're only a click away.