Overall Streaming Viewing Continues to Grow

OTT is still on the rise and the trend is expected to continue in the upcoming period. It remains to be seen how fast OTT will become the primary source of entertainment. According to Conviva's Q4 2019 report, overall time spent streaming has increased, up 58% in 2019. Biggest increase has been in Europe (up 65%) followed closely by the Americas (up 63%). Asia saw a slower growth of „only“10% in streaming viewing since Q4 2018.

Connected TV has seen biggest growth in viewing hours, overall up 57% with 83% growth in Europe, 55% in Americas, and 243% in Asia (could be misleading as connected TV made up only 2% of overall viewing hours in Asia). Mobile gained similar growth in viewing time globally (54%) with the Americas leading the growth with 71% followed by 54% growth in Europe and again smaller increase in Asia (up 11%). The fact that PC viewing increased as well (20% globally, 30% in Europe, 24% the Americas, and 6% in Asia) is quite interesting.

If we look at the global share by devices used for OTT content consumption, connected TV is still in the lead with 55% share of all streaming consumption (top 4 are Roku (43%), Fire TV (18%), Xbox (10%), and Apple TV (9%) respectively). Connected TV has even bigger share in the Americas (63%) compared to the 24% in Europe and only 2% in Asia.

Mobile devices account for 24% share in the overall time spent on streaming, 21% in the Americas, 34% in Europe, and 43% in Asia. Biggest share of mobile devices used are as expected Android phones with 60% share overall, followed by 26% share for iPhone and 14% for iPad.

Although PC accounts for only 11% share overall it is leading device for viewer time in Asia with 51% share while in Europe that share is 20%, and only 7% in the Americas.

Again, OTT is still in the growing phase so get in touch with us to help you get into the OTT market and to start utilizing the benefits. For demo or additional information just drop us a line at info@aviion.tv