Reusing existing assets to create new ones

Most users like to see a new, refreshed content on their entertainment platform, at least sometimes. Some platforms would lose traction if their content were not perceived to be novel, premium, or interesting enough by their audience. OTT publishers achieve this with arranging and changing the inventory from time-to-time, while some do it constantly as a recurring process.

This is mostly done such that popular, trending and new content is better positioned against the less popular or older content that is from time-to-time completely discontinued, but there are more analytical approaches validated based on customer surveys. Such approaches may be semi-automated.

At some OTT platforms, anchoring or niche assets are kept in the offering despite their low watch time, because they serve a strategic purpose. But, overall as it is necessary, older assets are removed from the offer in order to save on storage, budget, runtime and most importantly focus of the customer who does not want to see a large number of stale assets in their results query.

Would you like to have an autosuggestion tool in your OTT administrative platform which would periodically suggest which assets to remove from the direct offering and which assets deserve better positioning?

If the answer is yes, let’s discuss it.


Face-lifting of the assets

By adding the new assets, the OTT is doing more than removing the outdated end of their inventory.

Ever since Mr. Walt Disney figured out that a story can be recreated with a more novel technique, thus offering his audience a completely new experience, there was this need in the entertainment industry to increase the margin and offering by putting some rehashed titles among the new releases. Sometimes it is a Director’s cut, or a remastered version, sometimes it is a 3D version, sometimes a 4K version, sometimes a new version of the old asset. In the same manner, each OTT publisher as an operator can use video editing tools to remaster their offering.

In order to do so, there have to be old assets available in the archive. But, from those assets, even completely new assets can be made. In the same way, a short video or multiple of them can be made from a long one. Nowadays, tools are emerging that can help us automate parts of this or whole processes – depending on what level of facelift you want your assets to have. Let us know if you want to know more about the capabilities awaiting here.