Fans are changing their habits while watching sport events. Eventhough sports broadcasting is still made for TV audience, more people watch content on mobile devices. Why people change habits? Sports drive fans with highest urge for engagement. They want to be in direct contact with their beloved team and are ever searching for more theme related content at any time and anywhere they need.

With the rise in internet-based streaming content consumption, and the increasing usage of smart devices, the inclination towards live sports streaming is only set to increase further in the near future.

While using OTT platform, sport clubs have the ability to create even more club related content and create their own digital archive of live TV channels, live events, historic events, interviews with the team, and promote and create community awareness for all other not in focus such as women teams, junior and cadett leagues, etc.

Platform can give You many out-of-the box capabilities and can integrate through API's with any other interface you desire.


What You get with OTT:

- Design flexibility while maintaining Your personalized visual identity

- Simple and egaging client app with all the features client needs

- Your content media management in one place (TVOD, AVOD, SVOD)

- Content editing tool

- Your own digital video/audio store in private cloud environment

- Ability to create live TV channel playlisting your stored content

- Create live event (pay-per-view or any other)

- Social media integration (push managed content to Your Youtube, FB, Twich,…)

- Manage customers and personalize approach (with push notifications, adds, content categories, subscription models)

- Monetisation through marketing within content or in overlay (adds in pre-roll, mid-roll,…)

- Various subscription models for your communitiy (monthly, yearly, free, anonymous)

- Integrated payment GW – sell your merch while in live

- Integrated polls or quizzes for even more engagement

- User-generated-content – edit, administrate, categorize and publish in VOD or linear TV


These features are ever-adapting to end-user needs and desires, and any new features like camera angles, mosaic, etc. are available to You also within our Cloud environment.

It is also important to bare in mind to keep Your content in secure hands, with maximum capabilities to protect Your property. Our platform has several grades of protection of missuse of Your content with tokenization or DRM protection modules. Also if needed we can provide a content distribution network (CDN) depended upon Your audience and the content You stream.If you’re thinking about stepping into sports OTT, you’re in good hands. Contact us and let's begin this journey together!


--------- CASE STUDY --------- 


Here is a Case study for one of the top football clubs in Croatia with most engaging fans - Hajduk. The story about Hajduk Digital TV. Their desire was to get capability to have all the content about the team in one place, that does not burden their local infrastructure and can be supported with limited human resources they have. After initial meetings regarding design of layout and look&feel of the app, our joint project team delivered new platform within only two months.

We were going through planning and sprints together, which was a precious time in getting to know each others needs and pain points, in order to have tailor made end to end solution up&running smoothly. The idea was to integrate platform within Hajduk Salesforce, to get more options for fans that pay subscription of any kind, and to enable further monetization through pay-per-view content, or purchasing of any club merch – through integration of payment gateways and with maximum simplicity for end-users. The new platform was to become the one stop for all video or audio content Hajduk creates, for end-users but also for content media management through editing tools, or managing end-users options (geozones, media categories, etc.).

With all the content Hajduk generated (through exclusive interviews, behind the scene content, youth tournaments, etc.) the results came extremely quickly. Number of users for the first year of use grew to 6 digit numbers rapidly. This engaging community has shown the team who worked on the project many new perspectives to evolve the product in different new ways, and the story continues to grow even further.