For some time, mobile platforms have crossed the parity with web in the usage of streaming hours. Nowadays not only that users are streaming from all device types, but furthermore, the number of users streaming from multiple devices is increasing.

As the dominance of streaming from mobile devices has increased, it became more frequent that users watch or listen important assets during their commute or travel, for example between two locations, or while going towards the destination in which they want to watch a selected stream. For this reason there has arisen a requirement to provide a seamless transition for users who want to continue their reproduction on another device.

Cross-Platform Syncing or Synchronisation is primarily important in the current platform usage for assets such as video or audio. Such feature that enables Cross-Platform asset watch synchronisation is in AVIION called by its shorter handle - Bookmark. That is because we enable the sync through bookmarking. Users may have noticed that upon returning back to AVIION app to an asset that they had watched previously prompts if the reproduction should continue from the position at which they have stopped, a so called bookmark. In AVIION, analogous behaviour is when a user goes to continue the asset reproduction at another device – there is no need to look for the position at which the reproduction has previously stopped – it will be bookmarked already and offered, irrespective of the fact that this may be the same user on another device.

Bookmarking works in sync with other features. E.g. it is possible to bookmark when the service operator enables a user to have multiple simultaneous streams on one or multiple devices. Upon the next opening of an asset, the last saved bookmark is checked, therefore if a user is watching simultaneously multiple versions of the same asset, only the last saved bookmark will be offered to that user in order to continue the reproduction in the AVIION instance in which that asset was opened.

Similarly, other user's reproduction related data such as social sharing, subscriptions and viewing history are being synced independently in which platform those were created. All this has been designed such that the transition of reproduction from a device to another device is as smooth as possible, in order for the user to continue enjoying their content.