There is some interesting information about the expected near future related to OTT. I guess we will soon see if the predictions were correct.

First is related to both HLS and DASH shift to using CMAF containers and CBCS encryption as the common baseline for VOD and LIVE. Segmented media e2e latency will dip below 5s, buoyed by production implementations of LL-HLS and LL-DASH. Data analytics continues to grow in importance as it provides the metrics to further optimize delivery. Common Media Client Data (CMCD) will be particularly pivotal as it ties together client client-side QoE and server-side QoS data silos as well as facilitating dynamic delivery optimization by CDNs. (Will Law, Akamai) Additionally, it is expected that there will be more of hybrid experiences in live streaming which are capable of transitioning between traditional technologies like HLS and DASH, to their low-latency variants, as well as onto real-time infrastructure, such as WebRTC, much more dynamically, and seamlessly than is possible today. This is not only to allow for a larger range of target latencies and use cases, but also to protect infrastructure and manage costs for unpredictable live streaming workloads. (Phil Cluff, MUX)

Other info mentions that a research made recently about the viewing habits showed that 95% of respondents stated that OTT has changed the way they watch TV. That means that a complete shift in consumer behavior has changed in the past 2 years. This will undoubtedly have a big impact on the whole landscape that will probably be much noticeable after the covid is finally behind us.

Related to the shift in viewing habits is the fact that the “old” way of delivering TV content was related to ratings they delivered and they had to appeal to broad audiences. Thankfully, with OTT there has been much more specific niche experimentation with content which has definitely much more versatile content.

There are more predictions which we will write about in the next edition of AVIION Chunks powered by AVIION HS5 Complete OTT platform.