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Sports Content in OTT

One of main elements of the successful OTT platform is definitely content. Without enough content regularly being added to the platform it is impossible to keep the interest of the viewers. It is one of major challenges in keeping the churn rates low.

Sports related content is one type of content that has a bright OTT future for sure. A survey from Verizon Media across Europe has shown that majority of sports fans would be inclined to pay extra for a service that would enable them to watch their favorite team or league. Other interesting data gathered from the survey shows that over half of the respondents use OTT services to watch sports unavailable elsewhere, while close to 40% of them use streaming service for the ability to watch the sports on their smartphone. Also, for the viewers of sporting events, features like replay controls and time shifting makes the viewing experience that much more exciting. Interestingly enough, most of them expressed higher quality of the video as being more important than the reduced latency, which has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry for the past year. There are still a lot of opportunities in delivering niche sports to a global audience. Such content needs to be tailored to viewers as much as possible, and that includes a good business/pricing model.

Whether you are looking for to stream live sporting events, or build a whole OTT service around specific sports to cover a market niche that would include a set of specific features with tailor-made and flexible business models feel free to get in touch with us @ info@aviion.tv With over 10 years of experience in the OTT industry building both big enterprise streaming services as well as smaller OTT platforms we can get you started with your project quickly and efficiently.