Video Streaming Mosaic, or shorter mosaic, is a screen represented by a matrix of smaller video screens such that each video in a matrix can be played out simultaneously. Video screens displayed in the matrix are selected and organized based on predefined rules. The rules for populating the mosaic and the actions available to the user who is watching the mosaic are the main differentiating factors between competing mosaics. Mosaic is a well-known feature in OTT because it originated in the broadcasting studio from the need to select which asset will be next broadcasted to the audience.

Mosaic is also a rehashed theme of a very old AVIION feature - the animated Electronic Programmatic Guide – EPG (hrv. Programski vodič) where EPG currently being played in each channel is represented by the current playout of that stream instead of its thumbnail, or its text title. Mosaic is a matrix view of the screens, where each matrix field represents an asset with the muted videoplay. Consider you want to show to the viewer all of your one hundred live channels, in such a way that the user can select which to play. Mosaic is the feature you are looking for.

How come that it is not used more often?

The main reason why mosaic lost its popularity is due to the bad user experience it delivered too often. In order to play simultaneously many streams, the user has to download vast amount of data and the devices more often than not cannot cope with it primarily due to limited bandwidth, thus the bad user experience. Even if it was working as expected, part of the user feedback was against so much dynamism in the selection pattern; therefore, mosaic lost its popularity.

We are noticing that mosaic has had a recent spike in popularity during COVID lockdowns. The reason for it may be because in some use cases such as conferences and e-sports mosaic gives an added value because it enables the end-user to receive a total overview of many assets simultaneously. Additionally, throughout years, device and network capabilities have continuously improved. Furthermore, during COVID lockdowns, the increase in Internet use from the households was higher then from the outdoors usage, whereas in general, Internet speed is higher in households compared to the outdoor settings.

To conclude, mosaic is slowly returning back. If your users would benefit from mosaic, be free to discuss your business requirements with our sales representative.