Create channels from VOD assets

On top of the known AVIION Flly broadcast scheduling solution, we've built an additional linearization feature. It means that we've made it possible to create linear channels out of VOD assets.

Such feature gives additional value to the content. It makes it possible to additionally organize the already available content into channels, besides the video store.

Additional explanation of the linearization feature would be: in your video store, there is plenty of Christmas movies. In December, you organize all movies suitable for Christmas season into one channel and you provide your customers additional value – dedicated channel with non-stop content play. Another example would be creating a linear channel for promotion of your content – put all your trailers into one channel and additionally promote your content non-stop.

How many channels? It's up to you.


Create VOD assets from channels’ content

The idea here is to save chosen linear channels' content in custom made video store catalog.

It's easy to just save it. To save it, offer it in the video store, with automatically imported metadata from EPG source – that's the catch here and AVIION does it that way – make VOD assets out of LiveTV content and use already available EPG data as a metadata.

Without it, it's just a video file. With EPG data imported, it's an asset and can be manageable as all other VOD assets.